Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set out 10 cones 1m apart in a line

  • Have 6 players lie face down 5m back from this line

  • Place the ball in between 2 of the of the cones and have a attacking player ruck over the ball to protect it.

  • The second attacking player will take up the scrum half position, with the other 4 attacking players (holding rucking shields) taking up positions either side of the ruck.

  • On the whistle, the players jump up and form a defensive line on either side of the ball

  • The players should set up both D1s before the D2s etc

  • Have the players call out what position they have taken up

  • Once the line is formed, have the players call hold, hold.......until the coach tells the scrum half to pick up the ball, at which point the D1s calls BREAK and the defensive line move up together.

  • The D1s take a couple of steps up but the other defensive players move up together and tackle the oncoming attacking players

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