Rugby Drill Demonstration


Players (A) form a circle approximately 1m apart from each other.


The players pass the ball around the circle until the coach calls change, then the players should change the direction they are passing.


Teams compete against other circles to get as many passes in a set time.


Add more footballs.

Increase the distance between the players.

Get a player to run a lap around the outside of the circle while
the passers try to pass the ball around the circle and beat the
runner back.

Players face outwards.

Make the passers throw a cut out pass then a pass back inside.

So cut one, then back one, cut one, back one etc.

Coaching points

Coaching Points
· Head facing the ball, hands up & fingers spread
· Turn the shoulders towards the target
· Reach for the ball with both hands, elbows up
· Watch the ball into soft hands
· Hands and elbows up, fingers spread
· Hold the ball outside hip, lean forward over the ball
· Turn head quickly to look at the target
· Transfer the ball across the body towards the target
· Fingers point at target after pass

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