Rugby Drill Demonstration


Use full field width, setup between the tryline and 22m line.

Place 15 cones along the 22m line.  Place 12 more cones, 3 squares 2mx2m, each of a different colour (eg red, blue, green), placing the squares randomly within the area between the 5m and 22m lines.  Place 3 players each with a hit shield in each of the squares, mimic opposition ruck.  Line up the remaining squad on the 5m line, facing the 22m line.

Coach shouts "Red!".  The forwards all run to the red square and form a ruck against the hit shield.  Team lines up flat on the D-line.  Coach stands behind the ruck area, and signals by pretending to throw the ball that the ball is out of the ruck.  Pillars shout "Up!" and whole team sprints to the 22m line Hit shield or do 3 pushups at pole.

Coach shouts "Blue!", and forward run to the blue square and form a ruck ... [repeat].

Coaching points

  • Forwards do not overcommit to ruck, and pillars and posts are in position quickly

  • Forwards are not standing behind the ruck, all must be committed to ruck or on D-line

  • Pillars are onside (behind last feet), and backs lining up in line with the pillars.

  • Backs are up flat and onside - in line with pillars

  • All players are in sprint start position, or 3 point stance (for forwards), ready to advance

  • Pillars yell "Up!" loudly so all can hear

  • Whole team moves up in a line, quickly.  No stragglers, no gaps.

  • Backs identify the cones that they are marking up against.

  • Wingers and full back maintain proper defensive structure to defend against a kick.

  • Structure does not diminish, even when fatigue sets in.


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