Rugby Drill Demonstration


2/3 team rotation

Exercise starts off with Multi-directional touch in the blue square, played until A makes 8 passes or D makes a touch

Once this happens, A in possession to ground and presents ball, 1 A over to secure, 2 D on bellies until ball is played, Scrum Half passes away

Now play full contact rugby on half pitch until try is scored or tunrover/mistake made

Always restart in blue square with mulit-d touch, attacking team becomes new defence


Work for a number of rotations or time limit

Coaching points

As soon as we transition in to rugby, we must regain our structure as soon as possible = get in to green/gold pattern and shape early

Communication from 9 and 10 to organise people, as well as outside backs


Quick consice communication of where space is = 'BINGO' right/left

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