Rugby Drill Demonstration


1 v 1 Introduction to Higher Tackle-
1 v 1 contact on tackle shield. Looking at the technical aspects of making a tackle with a higher point of contact.

2 v 1 Tackle Tech Drill-
Inside defender is facing away
Outside defenders facing in
Attacker can choose either side to attack but must he must first pass around the yellow cone.

Objective is to keep the ball carrier off the ground

- Footwork before making the tackle: Square Hips, Power Step with the foot that is the same side as tackling shoulder (i.e. right shoulder=right foot forward)

- 'Punchy' contact under the ribcage to block up the ball, and prevent an offload.

- Inside man makes a high shot around the ribcage of the attacker, trying to turn him away from his support

- Second defender attempts to wrap up the ball and keep the ball carrier off the ground. Wide base, strong grip on the ball carrier are essential.

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