Rugby Drill Demonstration


Rascals: Kick over the goal posts, run around them and collect the ball. If kicking from the red cone, kid must get past the coach with pad and through the red gate. Coach acts as a bumper and tries to bump kids through the wrong colour gate. If the kid gets through the right gate, they get a point. After the gate, kid follows the ladder/ hurdles etc to the try hoop, and then continues through the same colour cones back to the start.


Scoundrels: Same as Red group, but once they get the idea, only the kid on the blue cone has a ball. Kid on blue cone kicks, both go under the goalpost. Blue kid passes to coach and keeps running around, Red kid collects from coach and continues on red track. Score a try at the top and kids high five!

Coaching points

Set kids off 2 at a time, and have approx 4 cones at the start so that the next in line can start balancing their ball, ready to kick. You could make it a team game (e.g., have "Team Spiderman" and "Team Batman") and see how many points each team can get!

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