Rugby Drill Demonstration



  • Scrum half with collection of balls
  • 4 x running channels aligned with a little depth
  • Group of support runners collected beside scrum half e.g. like a just-finished scrum


  • Scrum half passes to first runner and wave begins as per any other passing wave
  • Two runners from beside scrum half track passing wave in support lines
  • Passing wave carriers work infield passes at different times to support runner/s
  • Support runners accelerate then link back up with outsides

Coaching points

Support Runners:

  • Runners operate as if supporting from set phase or breakdown
  • Infield pass not always necessary, sometimes just ensure one or more support runner tracks all the way to the wing - but if he does, ensure the wing looks infield and finds him with a pass


  • Add 1 or moredefender or a hit shield to force support runners and nearby runners to "win the contact" and keep the ball alive
  • Encourage runners to avoid the shields / defenders rather than target them with runs. Attack spaces NOT faces.


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