Rugby Drill Demonstration


Same principle as warm up but there are two teams competing against each other. Aim is to get the ball in the coloured squares. They get a point for each time they get the ball in the square.

Unlimited passes for now. They can run with the ball. There is no contact, only way to turn over the ball if it is dropped or intercepted. Once a team have scored they keep the ball and have to get the ball in a different square, they cannot score in the one they just have scored in.

Will use different balls for proprioception.

To adapt the game I will introduce a certain amount of passes that have to be completed for each team before they can score in a zone.

Emphasise on the different types of pass, and how the short pass is more effective but only when people move around to create spaces.

Pass and Move Game - 9:15 - 9:30PassingRugby Drills Coaching