Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Two players are pad holders and one will stand diagonally behind the other.
  • one person will be on his knees with a ball 2 metres infront of the first pad holder.
  • The ball carrier will stand in front of the person on his knees.
  • two players will be on their stomachs behind the ball player.
  • The ball player will recieve the ball from the person on his knees and take in into contact witht the first pad holder.
  • as soon as the ball player has the ball in hand his two support players can get up from their stomachs and support.
  • the ball carrier will hit the pad and go to ground with a long place. 
  • then one of the support players will call out bullet and he will clean out the first pad holder.
  • the second support player will call out ball, He will do a lock down on the ball carrier.
  • once he has done a lock down, the second pad holder has to try and knock him off the player with his pad.
  • when the ball has been locked down, the player on his knees will get up and pick up the ball as the halfback. 

Coaching points

Key Ideas

  1. Ball carrier needs to run low into contact and then work hard to have a long place of the ball.
  2. the bullet supporter needs to adjust his speed as he goes into contact to make sure he is balanced, square and low.
  3. the bullet needs to work hard with his leg drive to clean out the pad holder.
  4. the ball supporter needs to be supporting his own body weight and protecting the ball.
  5. the second pad holder, must come in swuare and only make contact with his shoulder not face or neck. 

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