Rugby Drill Demonstration


<p>Organize the field as the picture</p><p>-The distance between each cone is 5m. </p><p>- The player runs from starting line to first 5m and then back then to 10m and then back, continue until the player has reached the 25m and back</p><p>- They must complete the entire set in 40sec, if they require more then they should rest 1 set before continuing. </p><p>- After completing the 1 set they have 40 sec rest before they go again</p><p>- Shoot for 2-10 sets</p>

Coaching points

<p>- Keep the knees and elbows pumping</p><p>- Run as fast as you can</p><p>- There needs to be progression on this drill for the players to improve</p>

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