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Diamond Touch

Support Drill- Offload

converge in the gap -create the diamond -off load after tackle

Support Drill- Gate

Support from behind: Get “Through the gate”

When faced with a well-organised defence, it is essential that your team supports the ball carrier from behind and in numbers. You can practise this with the following drill.

Set up a gate about three metres wide using poles or cones.

Start in groups of eight, with four in front and four behind.

The ball is passed along the front line to the fourth player who runs through the gate. The support players (the second line of four) follow the ball carrier through the gate and receive a pass. This group then spreads out, running and passing.

Using the gate ensures the support comes from behind and is close to the ball carrier, so the group has options once the defence is beaten.

Options and communication

The ball carrier who takes the ball up to the defence has a number of options. The player can:

  • Pass just before the contact.
  • Pass out of the contact.
  • Pass when tackled.
  • Pass if he gets through and beyond the tackle, or run on.

For these options to succeed, the ball carrier relies on communication from the support players telling him exactly where they are and what his best options are. However, the tackle and contact situation is not always predictable, so the support play formation of the diamond enables the ball carrier to release the ball in all possible directions.

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