Rugby Drill Demonstration


Using an area of approx. 30m x 20m, line up soft balls across the middle of the playing area. Balls should be placed on cones so that once the balls in play, the cones will still be there to distinguish between the team's areas.

Split the group into 2 teams and have them line up on the back line.

When coach blows the whistle, players to run out and grab a ball. Before the ball can be thrown they have to pass the ball to a teammate.

Aim of the game is to hit an opponent with the ball.

If hit, that player has to go over to the other team.

If a ball is caught, thye thrower then has to go over to the opposing team.

The team with the most players at the end wins.

Coaching points

Eyes up so players can see what is in front of them and then be able to EVADE.

Hands ready so able to catch the ball when it is coming towards you.

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