Rugby Drill Demonstration


Defense Drill – uses 8 to 15 players ( 15-20 minutes)

· Move on the ball

· Fitness

· Identifying Offensive player that is your responsibility

· LOW Defensive Ready Position


· Fitness


· Press up as a team

· Get to feet and realign as a team

· Defensive Shift

Direction Phase 1 :

Players will partner up with one player holding Bag or Ruck shield and other lining up across from their partner behind the ball. On the Balls movement ( coach holding) ALL ( including bag holders) the player Shout “PRESS UP” as they hit the ruck shield or tackles the dummy. The player then needs to get to his/ her feet quickly and realign with team ( SHOUTNG Realign and back back ) until they are behind the ball again in a ready. *Coach be sure to move the ball back and forth for them to set back up ( 3 meters - no more than 10 meters) to players have to run varying distances. Start with 15 reps implementing a rule if anyone is offsides they add 2 back on to the count!

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