Rugby Drill Demonstration


  1. Divide players into forwards and backs, back form an attacking line the forwards form a loose scrum. Any extra players need to form a defensive line 5 m back.
  2. Ask the scrum-half and No 10 to run a series of plays out to the open side wing, then back to the other wing and finally attacking the midfield.
  3. Bring the players in and question:
  • did they know what was happening?
  • where they should be positioned for each phase?
  • what do they need to know to complete the phases?

Rules of Phase Play (explain)

  1. Forwards in the 50, backs in the 15's
  2. Backs always clear 1st phase from set piece
  3. Forwards work in PODS
  4. Backs re-align as forwards reset
  5. Hard yards before whip out wide

How Does it all Work?

  1. Set piece forwards are tied in so backs need to secure their own ball.
  2. Before the backs can re-align and attack forwards need to reset the ball.
  3. From set piece the closest forwards (scrum/lineout) work in three's/fours moving to the ruck and reset the ball to allow the backs to re-align.
  4. As soon as the scrum-half moves the ball the nearest pod moves to position identified by call.
  • call move "Aussie Ball"
  • call field position "2"

5. 2nd pod moves behind or infront of the back line to complete next phase of play

  • The purpose of this drill is to see how the players communicate and position themselves to receive the ball.
  • What you want them to realise:
    • they need to communicate (call the moves up front)
    • they need to know where to be and when.
    • field position,(what to do where)

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