Netball Drill Demonstration


Static passing in pairs 1 ball. Demonstrate different release positions. Always in walking stance opposite foot fwd

Chest x 20

Shoulder passes R&L x 20 (10/2 o'clock)

Lob/ High release R&L x 20 (11/1 o'clock)

Bounce pass R&L x 20 (8/4 o'clock)

Combination 'around the clock'

Dynamic passing in 3s 1 ball

2 Ts & 1 W running fwd catch and pivot/ pass. Practice pivot/ pass both sides

2 Ts 1 W running side to side- land outside foot, outside pivot, shoulder pass opposite hand to other thrower

Diamond combination passing drill in 4s 2 balls

Chest pass to side/ vary middle pass to shoulder/ lob or bounce over/ under hands

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