Netball Drill Demonstration



The Goal Shooter and Goal Attack have similar characteristics.

Attributes of a successful shooter/goaler include:

  •  High volume and accuracy under pressure
  •  Consistency in shot technique
  •  Shot selection – when to shoot and when to pass
  •  Shot variations – step backs, step to the side, step ins & penalty shots
  •  Variety of attacking moves
  •  Acceleration off the mark
  •  Strong leads to the ball
  •  Understanding of space & space protection
  •  Looks to the post
  •  Open vision
  •  Entry into circle
  •  Ability to work in ‘partnership’ with other shooter and attack unit
  •  Ability to use and understand screens
  •  Reads the play well
  •  Good understanding of what is happening around them
  •  Strong rebounder
  •  Good defensive skills (one on one, change of direction, recovery, hands over ball, delay and deny a drive)

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