Netball Drill Demonstration


In pairs, with feeders in the middle (staggered slightly side by side but facing opposite directions to utilise most space); workers start on the outside.

First person works continuously for 30 seconds, whilst other becomes the feeder (active recovery), then swap over. Repeat each drill twice through.

  1. Drive towards feeder for short flat pass, turn in the air and release ball straight ahead into wall with shoulder pass. Follow the pass to catch ball. Send back to feeder. Second run-through for more-experienced players should be turning in opposite direction and using other arm for shoulder pass!

Other options:

  1. Feeder gives a dropped ball for worker to drive onto, who then retrieves ball and turns to face ball and send shoulder pass into wall. Follow ball to catch, then re-send into wall to retrieve behind on the run before sending back to feeder.
  2.  5 anywheres from the feeder then send to wall. Follow ball to retrieve and give a quick chest pass, shoulder pass right and shoulder pass left before turning to return ball to feeder.

Coaching points

  • Looking for quick release of ball, whilst maintaining accuracy and strength of pass.
  • Lightness of touch
  • Good turning in the air
  • Hips facing direction of run, feet under body
  • Determined drives both onto feeder ball and off the wall ball.
  • The wall doesn't lie! You need to send it with strength anf straight for it to come back to you strong and straight!
  • Give players targets to hit on wall (masking tape)

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