Netball Drill Demonstration


Split one third of a netball court into 3 lanes.  You are playing across the court in this game.

  • One Defender in each lane, they must stay in their own lane.
  • Attackers have to make 3 passes in each lane before they can progress to next lane.  
  • Attackers need to get to other side of court without the ball being intercepted.

One point awarded each time attachers sucessfully make 3 passes in each lane.

One point awarded to Defences for a tip and two points awarded for a clean intercept. When an intercept occurs, set up play again from the side, attackers with the ball.

  • Keep playing till one team makes 10 points (or less)
  • Try to give everyone a turn at both attackikng and defending



Allow the defenders to drop into next lane once attackers have moved from their lane.

Coaching points

Make sure players are using various options such as change of directions, pivots etc.

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