Netball Drill Demonstration


- 1 ball, 1/3 width of court

- 6, 8 players

Defender & Attacker in pairs spread down the court (5m apart)

1st attacker drives out to receive ball from feeder, 1st defender defends against attacker while defending the 2nd defender yells out which side the 2nd attacher is driving "Left / Right".

This to to assist the main defender which side she is to defend, if the second attacker player is running to her left the second player defencer will yell out left, the 1st defender should move my defending position more to the left.

Remember the defender is allowed to move, she does not have to stay in the once shot to defend like many do.

Each attacker passes ball to next driving attacker and also on down the court.

Repeat back the possible way swapping the role of attacker/defender.

Coaching points

- Loud voice from 2nd defender to aid 1st defender, encourage the call to be as soon as the attacker drives out to allow the defender time to move to either the left or right.

- make sure attacker drive quickly to recieve ball.

play to the 3 second and foot work ruling.

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