Netball Drill Demonstration


>X starts with ball. X1 leads out from goal line to receive pass from X. X2 drives towards edge of circle to recieve pass from X1, X1 then clears out to to X2's start position for the next round. X3 then drives toward circle edge to recieve pass from X2, X2 then clears out to X3's start position for next round. X3 then passes to X on a "shooter's" lead, X3 then clears out and around to X1's position ready for next round. X then shoots ball, rebounds and starts drill again.

Coaching points

Shooter's should be starting the drill and then ending it with the same ball so both shooters are working on timing and shooting. Shooters must drive to receive ball, so hold their lead. Shooter must work on their space awareness with each other and rotations.

All other players are working on strong leads hitting as close to circle edge as possible.

Pass placement for driving player.

Defenders maybe added to the circle for added intencity.

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