Netball Drill Demonstration


Drill is mirrored on both sides of goal third.

A) Line of attackers

Red F) Feeder 1

Blue F) Feeder 2

1. Attacker passes to F1 then leads out straight into middle of third.

2. A receives ball back from F1 out in front of her.

3. A passes ball straight ahead to F2.

4. A immediately returns ball to F2 then switches with other attacker.

5. New A receives ball from F2 then takes F2's spot (make sure she opens out and moves to side to let F2 lead around)

6. A (in F2 spot) passes a lob to F2 (now new A) on the run towards the sideline but down the court.

7. A passes on to F1 then keeps leading down.

8. A receives ball back from F1.

9. A passes on to A in the line then clears backwards into F1 spot (old F1 joins A line).

Drill begins again when A in the line passes to new F1.


Coaching points

Both sides of the court need to be working at the same pace, so players don't need to wait for switches.

Timing is everything!

Pass #6 must be a lob and player needs to receive the ball down the court whilst on the run.

All about the give and go!!

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