Netball Drill Demonstration


Split players into two teams (if there are uneven numbers have 1 person alternate between the teams after each point but keeping there same number)

Each player has a number. If there are 6 players then split into two teams and name each player 1 player 2 player 3 on both teams. (If there are 7players then the 7 player will share a number say number 3 and will play alternately on both teams as 3)

Play in 1 third or half court. Have 2 hoops one at each end of the boundary they will be the goals and 2 cones 1 at each end of the boundary but opposite side to that teams goal. Each team will line up on either side of the court the couch will call out 2 or more numbers, the players will listen for their number and when it is called they will then run around their cone and onto the court.

The first person who reaches the ball will start the game. Netball rules, both teams will try to pass the ball to the hoop and place the ball inside to score a point.

After each point scored the players will then run back to the side lines and then the couch will call out another set of numbers.

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