Netball Drill Demonstration


1. Double cut back:

WA runs one way, stops abruptly and changes direction before again changing direction for a second time to go and meet the pass.

2. Cut back:

WA runs one way, stops quickly - changes direction and runs into space to meet the pass.

3. Double bluff:

WA runs and stops, making it look as though they are going to cut back before continuing their run in the direction they were already running to meet the pass.

Every time they run the attacker should be thinking of what they can do to wrong foot their marker - always varying their tactics so that they don't become predictable.

Repeat 3x


Player 1 turns their back to players 2 and 3 and receives the ball from X.

On receiving the ball player 1 pivots.

Players 2 and 3 both make strong sideways movements, but only 1 of them calls for the ball. Player 1 passes to this player.

Ensure players 2 and 3 communicate before each repetition so they know which of them will call for the ball each time (this can be done with hand gestures to avoid player 1 overhearing!)

Swap player roles after 10 repetitions.


  1. players are to be set up into two even teams
  2. each team will send over one defence player to defend the team with the ball.
  3. the aim of the game is to try and catch the ball within the team 10x to recieve a point
  4. If the defence was to get the ball before team 1 score a point then team 2 will have the ball and team 1 will need to defend.


  1. With this drill the GA and the GS want to be on opposite sides of the circle
  2. there are numerous ways to create space in the circle
  3. the GA and the GS can split outside the circle the player who doesnt recieve the pass will cut back into the circle to recieve the pass in front of there player near the goal post
  4. another way is for the GA or the GS to run to the top of the circle with the tall GS holding either front position or holding for a lob the person with the ball will just need to pop the ball over for the tall GS to recieve under the goal post
  5. One attacker can hold there player by standing in front then doing one short movement by turning out and recieving the pass.
  6. The WA and the C need to hold there space on the outside of the circle for the shooters to have someone to pass to.

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