Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up a diamond using cones/spots in the corners. Ensure the square is large so that players can sprint easily. 

  1. Feeder starts with the ball outside of the diamond, 2m from the edge. Attacker and Defender start in the square.
  2. Attacker has to get free from defender and receive a pass from F at the cones of the diamond. 
  3. Defender has to prevent A from moving, restricting her space.
  4. Work for 2-4 minutes with A moving to as many different cones as possible to receive a pass from F.
  5. Swap roles.

Coaching points

  1. A has to employ a variety of methods to get free from the defender. A should use a change of direction, change of pace, roll etc.
  2. Encourage A to think about the space she is creating by changing the angle of her body and her runs.
  3. F has to ensure she places the right ball to A- this may not always be flat and fast, and may need to be lifted into the back space where A is running.
  4. Encourage A not to reset behind D each time she has received the ball. A should move straight on to the next cone/spot for the next pass as soon as she has released the ball.

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