Hockey Drill Demonstration


Hopefully i will arrive by this point!!

Run exercise with 7 minutes on and 2 minutes for talking

split the group into 3 teams

one goal on the normal spot the other opposite on the 23m (see diagram)

if there are a large number of players play continuous 4v4 or 5v5

The team entering the pitch always starts at the 23m line i.e:

  • 3 teams Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Red defends normal goal Blue starts with ball on the 23m,
  • Blue attacks red, (both red and blue can score, Red in goal on 23m and blue in normal goal)
  • Play ends with ball exiting the pitch over base line, 23m or side lines.
  • Once ball exits pitch, Red step off pitch, Blue move to defend goal on baseline, Yellow start with ball on 23m.
  • Play until ball exits pitch or goal.
  • Blue step off, Yellow defend goal on baseline, Red start with ball on 23m.

Allow for play to continue so umpire loosly.


  • Stretch the pitch- width, height and depth
  • intensity
  • ball pace
  • communication

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