Hockey Drill Demonstration



  1. Players start in the middle
  2. Players pass the ball L/R to the HALF
  3. HALF traps the ball, runs at pace to the DEF & drags/jinks then proceeds to final cone
  4. HALF passes the ball to the leading FWD
  5. Leading FWD deflects into goal or 1:1 with GK

Cycle Through Drill

  1. Zone 1 (Centre Pass)
  2. Zone 2 (Goal Shot)
  3. Zone 3 (Half & Drag)
  4. Zone 1 (Centre Pass)

Coaching points

  • Pass from centre to HALF needs to be firm, fast & accurate
  • Players (HALF & Leading FWD) should focus on loud calling & calling the lead
  • HALF's need to trap the ball side on, facing the direction of the goal (back to sideline)
  • Angle of deflections


  1. Remove the set of 3 cones & replace with DEF, creating 1:1 opportunity
  2. In addition to DEF HALF add a FB who engages a 1:2 with the attackers

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