Hockey Drill Demonstration



GOAL : when to play to the guard + repeat zig zag attack 

* width tennis court again, 3 goals.
* everybody player and guard.  

- if they choose right moment to play to guard = 3 pnts
- zig zag attack attempt= 2 pnts

Coaching points

When to play to the guard

1. When you have 2 or more opponents around you .

2. when you see all your team mates in front of you being defended


Reason Zig zag attack 

Distract opponent to 1 of the goals = normally side line. =
Crowed there then go to help side. Crowed there? Transfer to help side again etc. Zo zig to one side, zag to other side etc. 

Guard= stands 8-10 m behind ball Role: transfer to other side and do the Zig zag!!

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