Hockey Drill Demonstration


Teach players the left foot pass principle in the 2V1 length. 

* make 2 small squares, see picture  
* still continuous exercise or work with goalie. 
* A takes free hit midline, dribbles to defender + plays to guard and runs for length 2V1. 
* B is guard player and plays 2V1 (trying left foot pass) 
* if defender gets ball, person who lost becomes defender. 

* play at end again a game:
1. succesfull 2V1 = 1 pnt for A + B
2. left foot pass 2V1 succesfull = 3 pnt for A + B.
3. If defender gets ball = 2 pnts. 
Who got most points in 2 min

Coaching points

left foot pass principle
Opponent can’t defend the bit of space between their left foot and reverse stick. That’s always open!!! You can play through that hole all the time.

NB name is confusing, because for player with ball it’s the right foot of the opponent. No worries if you call it right foot pass. 


2V1 length:
* stretch as far as you can (to make sure opponent can’t come back if pass has been given).
*  always straight passes (in space, other player will run to ball)
* player with ball needs to commit the opponent to play team m ate free.
*. ball receiver receives OPEN (= feet towards goal to accelerate so defender can't catch him)

Core 2: length 2V1 left foot pass principleHockey Drills Coaching

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