Hockey Drill Demonstration


Exercise A : teach mobile straight push, focus on ball at back foot + no sound

* divide the 8 players over 4 corners.

* with 8 pp use 4 balls. With 6 pp use 2 balls. 

* Push pass straight around square. Run after your pass to next cone 

* FINALE : relay against other team. Who does first 2 rounds? 

Exercise B : mobile push pass to right, focus on ball back foot + left hand away from body

* Same as A, only now push to right in it as well. See picture

* from 2 corners dribbling towards middle cone and push right. 

* on short side turf still push straigt. 

* FINALE :relay again. 

Coaching points

Push straight:

- double V grip, hands apart
- Player runs past the ball, to get ball close to line of their back (right foot).
- Stick contact with ball.
- Player lunge forward, ball stays in contact with stick as they push forward
- Follow through of stick is low and around body

NB no sound when they make this pass 


Push to right

* feet forward
* Ball at back (right foot)
* Turn left shoulder to the right
* Left hand out, away from body (=in front of right hand) to angle stick

Still lunge forward, but push to right.  

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