Hockey Drill Demonstration


Team of 5 or more. 

Blue team to attack grey team 3v4.  if grey team win the ball they must outlet to either team on side of pitch who will attack other goal with 4 players vs 2 reamining blue.  Other blue players to jump back quickly to defend.  Grey team step in to empty side box.

Blue team win ball then they outlet to either side team 

Continuous game get ball and jump back.  Should always be a 4v2 plus jump back players.  

Any goal scored, team outlet from 16.  play side lines hits.  Any ball off backline is a hit out to defence. 

Play 4 x 8 min games.  

3 points for goal scored at any time 

1 point for successful jump back, win ball and outlet. 

Teams to keep own scores. Forfiet for losing side after each 8 mins. 

Coaching points

Defensive turnover of ball

controlled outlet to set coutner - no double turnover 

attacking team to deny space if ball lsot and stop go froward. 

2 initial defenders to delay go forward and wait for jump back players. 


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