Hockey Drill Demonstration


This exercise works on some carrying along baseline and some first time shots or first touch in front of goal

  • Starts by passing to either the right side or the left side
  • Player recieves ball and carries toward yellow cones
  • Player then drags from left-right (on the right) or right-left (on the left
  • player then carries ball between the blue cone and the baseline looking for the player in the middle of the D
  • Player in the middle of the D moves towards goal and shoots from the pull back

Alternate sides, as soon as the player on the right does the drag, pass the ball to the left player and vice versa

Follow pass until shot and then join back of the queue


Coaching points

Change of pace is key, accelerate towards drag, slow down for drag, accelerate out and then slow feet down for cut back

For shots, make sure feet are moving whilst setting up and attack the ball

Make sure passing accuracy is good as whole exercise revolves around good high speed passes

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