Hockey Drill Demonstration


Players in pairs, with one lion (yellow) and one leopard (red). Setup as show, with players facing each other, in parrallel lines about 2-3m apart. Coach calls out one of the animals and players must quickly react. Work through the progressions. Let's imagine that LIONS are called first:

1) No balls. Lions must run back their 'house' while the leopards chase and tag them on the back.

2) Same but with a ball each. Lions turn and dribble the ball home, while Leopards chase without the ball, and tag as before.

3) Switch sides. 1 ball in the middle. Lions quickly take the ball and try to dribble past the Leopards to bring the ball home. Leopards must stay behind the line and try to tackle the ball from the Lions, using a forehand block. They should then dribble it back their own house.

4) Same as above, but leopards must touch their stick on the Lions' starting line before chasing for the ball and maing a tackle using a channel/jab/steal.

Coach can change from saying "Lions/Leopards", to signaling with the arm like an umpire does - this is good to train the players to react to the umpire's signal.

Coaching points

Listen + watch the coach very carefully! Have your feet apart and maybe slightly sideways for quick push off the back foot.

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