Hockey Drill Demonstration


Needed? 6 Cones, Balls, 6 players, Goal

How? Attacker (Blue) takes a ball and tries to eliminate two defenders, while staying inside the cone lines. The two defender must work TOGETHER to take the ball from the attacker. This is done by the top person keeping the attacker to one side and the second defender making the tackle at the right time. 

Coaching points

  • Timing of the tackle
  • Good forcing job up top
  • Good communication between the defenders to get the ball out of play
  • Use intimidation and many tackling techniques to take the ball away from attacker
  • Jab tackle: the top person can try to "jab" the ball away from the attacker and quickly reposition


When the two defenders come up with the ball, they can take it across the 25yd line and now turn the situation into a 2v1 going to goal. 

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