Hockey Drill Demonstration


Needed? Goal, 5 Players, Goalie, Cones, Balls

How? Two ball piles (as shown in diagram). First ball starts with the LM at the 50 yd line. The LM passes the ball flat to the CM. The LM then leads forward and receives the ball back from CM. LM then releases the ball and continues towards the circle. The LF receives the ball and runs the line towards the goal, passes the ball to top D where the LM receives and scores. 

After the CM on the 50yd line passes the ball back to the LM. The CM gets a ball from the CF who has a pile of balls at the 25yd line. The CM then releases the ball towards the RM, who receives the ball and plays it down the line to the CF, who has since lead into the space. The CF, with the ball, runs the line and passes the ball back to the RM at the top of the D. 

Why? Leading into space, accurate passing, speed with the ball

Coaching points

  • Good dribbling position
  • First touch in correct direction (focus on CM)
  • Speed on and off the ball
  • Quick releasing at CM position

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