Hockey Drill Demonstration



Risk is taken in the back 3 but your strength is based on having 2 x deep midfielders - these are your most important 2 players.

the formation allows you to attack with 7 instead of 6 and defend with 5 instead of 4 utilising the deep midfilders as attacking pivots and defensive markers.

Coaching points

Key is to get the full backs as wide as possible and the 2 x deep midfielders split to give the centre back 4 options short.  wide and high mid need to give 3 x long options in space


player work in small teams.  depending on how exactly you want to set up you can have either:

The front 4 working together, then the midfield 3, then the back 3 all rotating and interchaning positions or:

the front 3 (forwards and top diamond) midfield 4 (almost as a standard midfield) and back 3 (centre back staying deep as a pivot.


the back 3 (centre back and deep mid), the front 3 (high mid and both forwards) and the 4 wide players rotating.

in all cases the deep midfielders must cover each other, if one goes the other must be slightly deeper (never level) and they must never be in the same line on the pitch (front to back) if they cant do this the formation fails as your strength which comes from the bottom 2 midfielders is too compact and easily negated by quick passing

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