Hockey Drill Demonstration


4 x 5 meter boxes are set up on 23 line with a cone on the right corner.starting in the right hand box and with a defender and attacker already in the D. the first attacker plays a 1-2 with the defender who faces them, the attackers then heads to the D whilst the defender has to run around the cone to their left. play out the 2v2, once the ball is dead start box two in the same way creating a 3v3 and so on until 5v5.

Coaching points

1st touch from the attacker needs to be good to create a 2v1 overload and then make a connection with the forward in the D which will enable them to make the decision to carry or pass.

defender to jump back and put pressure on the first ball carry, if the ball is turned over defenders have to decide which of the vacant boxes are the easiest to get the ball in.


switch sides after each reset, challenge forward in the D to be selfless and look to create space for others to score. Forwards need  to make the decision if to go for goal or keep possession. defenders need to retain the ball in the tackle do not be happy with just knocking the ball away.

forwards look to PAP and recieve the ball with feet facing towards the goal.

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