Hockey Drill Demonstration


1. Mark out a square which the batters will be

required to run around, a batting area and a safe

zone for the waiting batters to stand in

2. Split the group into two teams, batters and fielders

3. Nominate one umpire to manage the game, and

a coach to support both teams

4. A “bowler” (member of the fielding team) passes

the ball to the first batter, who stops the ball

before hitting it into a space

5. The batter must do this quickly before then running around the square

6. The fielding team must collect the ball and pass

it to a fielder who could get the batter running out.

7. The batting team get one point for each person

who gets back to the safe zone

8. Rotate bowlers and batters until everyone has

had a turn, then swap the batting and fielding

teams over

Ensure they don't hold on to the ball for to long

Encourage players to look where the ball is before running and make appropriate decisions

If they struggle getting enough power on their hit try and encourage push pass or a strike

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