Hockey Drill Demonstration


The aim here is for the attack to force the defence to pass on to their left side- their weak side.  From this weakened position the attack can then close them down and get the ball back, stopping the defence from clearing the ball.

The attackers and midfield stand in a 'W' formation slightly to the left of the pitch (slightly to the left to force the defenders to pass right).  The left wing the top starting point with the LM behind, the CF covering the sweeper in the middle of the press and the RM behind slightly to the right with the RW in front.  LW, CF and RW should not stand parallel to one another.  When the ball moves to the Defender's Left (Attacker's Right) the RW puts pressure on the LB while the RM puts pressure on the CB (or whoever is in this position that took the 16).  

N.B. If the LB passes back to the CB or Sweep to switch it to the Right, the attackers must move back to the W formation they originally set up in and if the ball moves all the way to the right must do exactly the same as above but for the right - ie. the RW hassles the RB, the LM goes to the CB who just switched the ball back to the right.

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