Hockey Drill Demonstration


Aim: the idea of the game is the attackers can use the overload (larger numbers) to eliminate the defenders, and enter the circle before having a shot at goal.

Area: The drill will be carried out using the whole width of the circle, starting outside the 23m line as shown in the above diagram.

Numbers: The numbers involved in the drill should always be larger on the attacking side, in order for an overload to be created. For example, 4 attackers v 2 defenders. As the group progress this may change to 3v2 as this means the attackers will really have to think about their positioning.

Conditions: No defenders can tackle inside the circle INITAILLY; change this as the attackers start to use their numbers and the space. Attackers and defenders will rotate on the coach’s call to ensure everyone gets an opportunity in all positions.

Safety: attackers must NOT go after their ball when a shot is taken.

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