Hockey Drill Demonstration


Run in both D's 

Area across middle of pitch is safe zone for inactive players.

Left Hand Side:


3 attackers start/stack in the D with 3 marking defenders.

Attackers starts on or around 5 metre line from a free hit.

Ball cannot go directly into D as in game.


Right Hand Side = progression


Extra attacker offering pass outside of D.

Extra Defender setting up to pressure the players starting at dead ball situation.

Coaching points

Attackers must lead to offer pass or create space for ball carrier.

Attackers to offer approptiate width and height. Encourage leads to baseline/t-spot and then get into goalscoring positions as in morning session.


Defenders decision making whether to close player on ball or man mark. Identify highest risk players and react accordingly.


4v3/5v4 attacking in the final 3rd from dead ball situationOverload situationsHockey Drills Coaching