Hockey Drill Demonstration


Players will run a lap of the pitch and stop at each corner to stretch.

At the first corner they will stretch their neck muscles through looking over each shoulder, then looking up and down.

At the second corner they will stretch their arm muscles such as biceps and triceps.

At the third corner they will stretch their leg muscles including quadriceps, gluts, groin, hamstrings and calves.

They will then jog onto the final corner and do some dynamic stretching including high knees, heel flicks, high skips and side steps.

To conclude the warm up they will play a game of 'cups and saucers' as demonstrated in the diagram. Cones will be scattered in an area of the pitch and the children will be split into two teams. One half of the team are aiming to place the cones upside down - they are the cups and the other team are aiming to place the cones the right way up - they are the saucers. The children will run around for one minute before being told to stop and have the cones counted. Repeat three times.

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