Hockey Drill Demonstration


Ball starts with 2 defenders by the sideline and near the top of the D (Full Backs). 3 Attacking players (CM, LI & RI) start half way between the half way line and the 23m line, evenly spread accross the pitch. Another single defender will start on the opposite side of the pitch to the other defenders, but in line with the attackers (Jump Back Defender/Half Back).

The ball is hit by one of the full backs to the CM to make the scenario live. The attackers are trying to score in the goal, whereas the defenders are trying to control the ball into the 2 corners of the 23m and sideline.

The jump back defender may start running after the CM has reeived the ball.

15 minutes continuous drill followed by 2 minutes drinks break


- Strong and accurate hit, through the ball with hands at the top of the stick

- 1 to put immediate pressure on the CM but just outside the 23m area

- Other defender to protect the left foot space

- Jump back defender to get in position behind the right foot of the front defender in order to be in a position to intercept a pass made to the LI

- Try not to commit to a tackle too high up the pitch unless you are 100% sure you will win the ball

- Zonal marking until play is inside the D then man to man

- Listen to what the GK is telling you

- Low body position and centre of gravity

- Be confident in your play and decision making

- Once you have won the ball, react quickly by sprinting into space with the ball to win points


- Height and width are important to stretch the pitch

- Drive hard and into space, changing the line of your run

- CM to stay slightly deep to act as a pivot player

- Think about leading to receive and leading to create space/draw the defenders

- Early shot on goal then work for the rebound

- Ensure the stick and ball remain in contact to avoid losing it

- Communicate with body position and eye contact


- Ensure you communicate with your defenders to let them know if they are positioned correctly

- Try to clear shots on goal out to the side and if possible to a defender so they can then counter attack

- Take control of the pitch

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