Hockey Drill Demonstration


Circuit for warming up dynamic. 

  1. Dribble and push pass (right foot infront)
  2. 90 degrees lead (pick up with right foot in front in order to keep with the run) + push pass
  3. 180 degrees lead (secure and protect the ball with the pick up) + flat pass
  4. Down and up (45 degrees) pick up. Ball reception on the left foot but let roll the ball to your right foot + hard push
  5. Pick up in movement on your forehand (right foot in front) and change direction to your right (ball control) and play a bouncing push pass
  6. To the ball pick up (closed reception) and turn to right or left side + hit on goal

Coaching points

- Quality of passing (precise and hard)

- Timing on the leads (not too early on the ball)

- Pick up the ball (good reception and control of the ball)


Warming Up 2 (15'-20')Hockey Drills Coaching

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