Hockey Drill Demonstration


This exercise builds on beating the defender that we did in the last session. In this session we will be focusing on:

  • Practice the Jab
  • Stealing the ball from the left

  1. Each player starts with the ball and practices a jabbing motion with the ball towards the cone and back. It is important that this is a controlled jab and that the ball doesn’t fly away
  2. Place players into pairs (spacing them out a little more). They will take turns running with the ball while the other player attempts to jab the ball away from them.
  3. Staying in their pairs, the exercise will change to stealing the ball
  4. Running in pairs, the defender will practice running with the attacker and, using a wrist action, take the ball from the attacker and turn with the ball now in strong position. The defender then runs back across the starting line.
  5. The players then alternate as defenders and attackers

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