Hockey Drill Demonstration



In 3s. One player on each sideline and one player in centre of the pitch.

Transfer ball from one side of pitch to the other through central player.

Change player in the middle after 2 minutes.

Goalkeeper can participate in this drill as central player.


Slap or hit for transfer pass. Preferably slap for accuracy.

Central player:

When receiving from the left, track ball across body and control ball at 1-2 o’clock. Move feet around the ball to pass to right.

When receiving from the right, receive ball open side at back foot, face the way we are attacking.


Clear ball to right with right foot or left with left foot. Keep on toes for agility.


Central player should not be square to wide players: positioned either deep or high.

Q&A what makes a good transfer; when should we use transfer; where on pitch should we use transfer

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