Hockey Drill Demonstration


Mark out a delimited area (blue cones) which is the area of the game. Select a couple of attackers, who do not have a ball and are charged with tackling the ball from the yellow players out of the game area.

As soon as the yellow players have been tackled (they no longer have a ball), they have to stand in one place, with their legs wide and holding their stick above their head. These grey players are 'stuck in the mud'. They can only be unstuck if a yellow player succesfully dribbles the ball through the legs of the grey players. The grey player can subsequently pick up a ball from outside the area and become a yellow player again.

Can the attackers get all players 'stuck in the  mud'? A ratio of 2-3 attackers out of a group of 10 players is advisable.




Coaching points

Please note that the red players' tackles are correct and that the ball is played outside the game area. Pay attention to the correct dribbling technique of the yellow players, constantly looking up to look out for the attackers and other players.

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