Hockey Drill Demonstration


Practice and progressions:

Core skills:

Keeper pairs up with an outfield player and practices kicking ball with alternate feet while outfield player practices push, slap, hit to keeper.

Groups of 6. One line of 3 players on sideline, one line of 3 players centre of pitch.

Player on sideline carries ball 5m diagonally to right and passes to player on centre line. Central player posts up to receive the ball. 2 touches when receiving to encourage footwork.

Central player then carries ball 5m diagonally to right and passes to sideline player who has posted up to receive.

Players join the back of the line they have come from.



Carry ball to left before passing.

During this drill, give players coloured bibs depending on ability e.g. green is higher ability, orange is lower ability, split into 2 ability groups.



Hands apart; left shoulder pointing to where ball coming from; weight transfer from front to back foot as receive ball; stick stays in contact with ball during weight transfer to cushion ball


Player needs to move towards the ball when receiving. If player waits for the ball to come to them to receive, there is a higher risk that the ball could be intercepted by a defender.

Ball carry position

Q&A with players: head up, knees bent, back straight, high left elbow, left wrist forward, ball at 1-2 o’clock (skill space).

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