Hockey Drill Demonstration


Attacker starts with a ball and drives for the gate on the edge of the D.  Defender is trying to prevent them getting through the gate.  If the Attacker gets through the gate, they should proceed to take a shot at goal.

Coaching points

Attackers should get their feet around in order to get through the gate.

Progress to a pull back, V-drag or 3D skill to eliminate defender.

Defender needs to jump back and position their body so that they channel the attacker away from the cones.

Remind defenders of PALM 2 F

Proactive - Aggresive - Low - Mobile - 2 Hands - Forehand

Second Progression:

If attacker is held up at the gate, a second attacker can go in to help, creating a 2 vs 1, once this happens, a second defender can help defend the D.

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