Hockey Drill Demonstration


- 1 vs 1 aim to score

- defender's aim - win possession using block tackle & score through attacking player's goal

- if attacker loses possession then they become defender & attempt to win ball using block tackle

- goal scored - game restarts with player who lost the previous game in posession

- most goals win, moves to next game, loses stay

Coaching points

defending player need to:
- concentrate on ball during tackle

- prior to block tackle be in basic grip

- tackles can be made with 1 or 2 hands on stick (2 hands (better) = greater strength, 1 hand (left) = greater distance)

- sideways, left foot in front of right foot, low body position

- balls of feet

- hold stick at right angle to line the ball is travelling in

- use whole stick

- time tackle so that its made at last moment to catch opponent off guard, looking for cues such as: when attacking player takes stick off ball/looks away from ball tries to move through line of defender

1 vs 1 (Open Stick Block Tackle)Hockey Drills Coaching

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