Hockey Drill Demonstration


- pairs, 1 passer, 1 receiver

- both attacking, passer dribbling the ball

- just players reach halfway ball is passed to receiver

- receiver collects ball on reverse stick side & pulls it back to open stick side

- players continue to goal either dribbling or passing to each other 

Progression - shot on goal with/without a goalkeeper; defender; 2 vs 1

Coaching points

- player accelerates towards ball carrier & turns to right as ball is released

- sideways (right foot as back foot)

- move on balls of feet enables a quick change of direction

- receive ball from just behind left foot whilst moving

- then pull ball across body from left to right

- stick angled to cushion ball upon impact

- stick upright position (same as when dribbling)

- move ball to open stick side asap to increase control

Reverse Stick Receiving from the RightHockey Drills Coaching

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